Preservatives for making cosmetics





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It is a synthetic preservative approved by ECOCERT for cosmetic use.

Ideal for cosmetic creams, lotions and liquid soaps, shampoos.

USE: In the final product to 1% and maintain the product for 1 year.




1 lit

5 lit

For larger quantites please contact us.


The preservative works well for those with sensitive skin.

But it does not work with products such as shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel and bubble bath.

It is odorless.

USE: Up to 1,5% on finished product which is maintained for 2 years.


inci: aqua, lactic acid, malic acid, propanediol, citric acid, glycolic acid, ascorbic acid, tartaric acid, gluconic acid

Το Iscaguard FAC είναι ένα υδατικό μείγμα από φυσικά οξέα φρούτων, κατάλληλο για τη διατήρηση φυσικών καλλυντικών.

Parabens Free – Formaldehyde Free – Preservative Free – Thiazolinone Free


inci: Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol is a clear, colorless liquid with a very slight odor and is used as a preservative in cosmetic products and also as a stabilizer in perfumes and soaps.


The rosemary extract has a very strong antioxidant properties and is used as a natural preservative for cosmetics.

The rosemary extract and antioxidants are not antibacterial and maintain cosmetic 3-6 months.

Usage: Up to 1% on finished product.

60 ml


inci name: Aqua, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

Natural preservative suitable for food and cosmetics.




    1.6% For non-rinsed products (creams, emulsions, etc.)
    4% For rinsed products (soaps, detergents, etc.)
    4% For dental care products