Raw Cosmetics Materials & Essential Oils

Raw Materials for making your own cosmetics

Raw Cosmetics Materials & Essential Oils


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Mica colors are natural, mineral pigments that are cleaned and crushed into very fine dust.

It offers medium to high coverage and medium shine.

Mica black night is a shiny dark gray dye, ideal for shadows and eye pencils.

  • 10gr

Cluster A ydrooxy acids fortified with moisturizing agents. Thus treats dehydrated and dull skin where the missing elasticity and shine.

It is ideal for anti-aging treatment and is also a mild exfoliant.

It is water soluble.

Usage rate: 2-10%




The rose water is suitable for all skin type.

Combats wrinkles, skin inflammation and stimulates the tissues.

It relieves stress and fatigue.


  • 1lit
  • 5lit
  • 25lit
  • For larger quantities please contact us.

Use in cosmetics because it attracts water and acts as a moisturizer. Improvesthe appearance of skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.

It is also used to help stabilize cosmetics.

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