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Automatic Pipettes

Automatic Pipettes

Active filters


Eight variable volume curved pipelines make up the PLURIPET line equipped with an accurate and accurate channeling mechanism.

They cover the capacity range from 0,2 μl to 10,000 μl. They are equipped with a special filter that protects the internal piston by increasing its service life and preventing contamination.

They are provided with full record calibration equipment and adhesive support for attachment to the laboratory bench.

Individually calibrated with their certificates included in the package.


The new pipette line is equipped with a precision adjustment mechanism and is continuously adjustable up to a very fine volume resolution. 

The extremely gentle volume setting allows simultaneous one-hand operations.

Sensitive click-stops, together with the self - rotating Smartie push-button cap, ensure extreme stability of the setting made during the pipetting process.

A total of eight micropipettes are available in a range from 0.2 to 1000 μl