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Distillation Apparatus

Distillation Apparatus

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The Soxhlet puller is a type of laboratory equipment. It is made of glass.

Franz von Soxhlet invented it in 1879.

It has a bottle, an extraction chamber and a condenser. It can be used for solid-liquid extractions.

In this discontinuous extraction process, the extraction solvent in the boiling flask is evaporated and reconcentrated in the distillation column above.

It then falls onto the solid material that requires extraction. The chamber containing the solid material is connected to the boiling flask under a syringe mechanism shown in the Pythagorean cup, which allows the chamber to be filled at a point where its contents will be emptied and will begin to fill again and the extracted compounds are accumulated in the following boiling flask.


The Kipp device, also called the Kipp generator, is a device designed to make small volumes of gas.

It was discovered around 1844 by the Dutch pharmacist Petrus Jacobus Kipp and is widely used in chemical workshops and demonstrations in schools in the second half of the 20th century.