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Active filters


Taper flasks with easy-to-read scale and large marking field for easy marking on a rigid, very durable, white ceramic coating.

Due to the conical shape it is suitable for mixing liquids.

The uniform distribution of wall thickness makes these bottles ideal for heating applications.

There is a series more economical.

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The DHG series has timing mode and the timing range is 0 to 9999 minutes.

The temperature control accuracy is 0.1 ° C and the temperature variation is ± ºC while "RT" stands at room temperature.

The main trend of the model is 380V, 50Hz.

Temperature control range: Rt + 10 ~ 200

Power consumption (W): 530


Glass Tubes 1,5 meter long


Diameter 56,0 mm ±0,70 mm - Wall thickness 2,5 mm ±0,20 mm

Diameter 52,0 mm ±0,70 mm - Wall thickness 2,5 mm ±0,20 mm

Diameter 60,0 mm ±0,80 mm - Wall thickness 3,2 mm ±0,25 mm

Diameter 65,0 mm ±0,80 mm - Wall thickness 3,2 mm ±0,25 mm


Dispensing devices are useful in a wide variety of applications - when dispensing buffers, culture media, vitamin solutions, acids, bases, saline solutions or many polar solvents.

They can also handle special cases, for example, the bottle top dispenser can handle up to a maximum of 60 ºC.

Measurement: 1-10ml


Pure rubber pipette, with three glass valves that can be controlled by finger pressure.

There are no metallic parts that erode and the filler can be used with all liquids except those that attack the rubber.

It can be used on pipettes of different capacity.

It is filled with a pipette adapter with a capacity of more than 20 ml.