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The TDL-4 is a low-speed centrifuge.

It has great capacity, full operation and stable performance.

You can select the speed you need on the button and keep the balance automatically.

It is a reliable tool for the qualitative analysis of serum, plasma and immunity in hospitals or in chemical and biochemical laboratories.


The EBA 200 is a compact and powerful clinical centrifugal tableware for standard blood, urine and pediatric tubes.

For convenient operation, the EBA 200 features a high-performance, 8-level fixed angle router and a bright, up-to-date LCD display. The EBA 200 is ideal for small scale clinical chemistry applications.


Centrifuge 12 places.

● Strong plastic case with metal cover.

● High brushless motor, indicator pointer speed and timer.

● Speed and imbalance warning.

● With mechanical door lock and safety switch.

● Error code display, up and down speed adjustment.

● Suitable for blood and plasma serum quality analysis.


Product Description:

1.Strong Plastic case with metal lid

2.Brushless motor, LCD display speed, RCF and timer

3.over speed and imbalance alarm

4.touch panel control, automatic stop once lid open

5.error code display, speed up and down adjustment

6.Suit for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma


◎ KJLC-I Centrifuge equips with brushless DC motor and microcomputer. It has LCD display, standardly equipped rotor, time setting function and features like step less speed change, etc. It’ s the ideal equipment applicable for clinic test, biochemistry, immunology, etc. which is mostly chosen by the in an institution like medical health, food, environment, scientific research, teaching and biochemical test, etc.