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The L 46 is a turbulence shaker with a strong vibration action for 7 mm diameter test tubes. up to 35 mm.

"Press-to-Mix" and "continuous" action are provided. Silent speed adjustment, up to a maximum speed of 2500 r.p.m.


Excellent perfomance

Uniform heat distribution with heating plate with aluminum alloy

Excellent chemical resistance

Maximum temperature 370 ° C

Accepts 15 liter bottles (focal point Ø 155 mm)

The control panel is protected from IP 42 protection by fluid leakage with discharge channel (RC only)

Select network voltage / frequency model


Heating plate 145 mm in diameter.

Aluminum 50 - 1250 rpm

Plate temperature 50-325 ° C

Stirring strength 10 Ltr

Dimensions (W x H x D) 172 x 286 x 125 mm

Weight 2.8 kg

Art.nr.81000 (230V) 81010 (115V)

Includes spinbar