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Hanna Checker makes advanced automation with the simple operation of a button.

No manual calibration setting.

Large screen for easy viewing with a stability indicator that alerts you when a steady reading has been taken.

It works for over 1,000 hours with one battery.

Expand the life of the pH Checker Plus with an electrode that is being replaced.

Automatic calibration for accurate pH measurements each time.


The pHep + ® pH HI98108 meter provides high precision measurements in a pocket design.

This heat sensor has an exposed temperature sensor for automatic temperature-compensated measurements.

The simple operation with two buttons and the large screen makes it easy for everyone to control the pH.

Being light and only 0.7 ", pHep + is extremely ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand.


The Groline pH / Temperature Meter HI98118 is the newest pocket counter to measure the pH of a hydroponic nutrient solution.

This modern meter is simply 0.7 "and is extremely ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hand.

The HI98118 features a very large readable LCD that shows both pH and temperature along with calibration, stability and low battery indicators.

All functions are simplified in two buttons. One is to turn on / off the meter and the other to automatically calibrate one or two points.


HI98128 pHep®5 is an advanced, waterproof pH and temperature meter with a resolution of 0.01 that makes the measurement fast and easy.

This precise pH detector features a 0.01 resolution with automatic two-point calibration and temperature compensation in a unique, portable pocket device.

There is no longer switching between cash for routine measurements.


HI83141 is a portable pH / mV meter designed to be accurate, reliable and easy to use.

It uses the HI1230B pH electrode and the HI7669AW temperature sensor using separate connections.

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Two-point calibration

Compact, heavy and waterproof enclosure


The HI8424 is a compact, waterproof, portable pH / mV / temperature gauge with protective carry case, pH PEI electrode electrode, stainless steel temperature sensor, calibration buffer sachets and cleaning bags.

The meter has automatic one-point or two-point calibration as well as automatic temperature compensation (ATC) when the temperature sensor is connected.

Compact waterproof design

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Auto calibration of one or two points


Eutech Instruments Digital pH Meter 5 +

PH range 0.00 to 14.00 pH

Analysis & Accuracy 0.01 pH & ± 0.01 pH

Temperature range 0 to 100.0 ° C

Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 ° C & ± 0.5 ° C

Temperature compensation Automatic / manual (0 to 100 ° C)

Number of calibration points of 2 to 5 degrees

PH Buffer Options pH 1.68, 4.01, 7.00, 10.01, 12.45 (US)

1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, 12.45 (NIST)

4.10, 6.97 (Pb)

Special functions Automatic shutdown after 17 minutes.

Preservation & Self-Diagnostic Messages


The HI pH-211 is a unique innovation-driven product that, thanks to its superior engineering model, is widely accepted in industrial applications as well as in quality control laboratories.

A meter that measures mV in two scales ± 399.9 and ± 1999 mV in combination with the ISE and ORP electrodes.

A series of innovative features that are built up tend to eliminate calibration errors and facilitate the user's life by providing structured teaching in clear appearance.


Your EDGE pH meter automatically recognizes each digital electrode by providing the type of sensor, calibration data and serial number.

Advanced pH pH diagnoses ensure trouble-free measurements.

Use the pH meter as a portable meter, or place it on the wall to save space.

A stunning 5.5-inch screen with a viewing angle of 150 ° provides one of the most readable LCD displays in the industry.

Set and calibrate your meter in unattended time.

Made by educators and researchers for quality professionals and manufacturers.


Excellent pH meter that delivers precision while offering simplicity and versatility in elegant design.

The meter automatically detects each digital electrode by providing sensor type, calibration data and serial number.

Advanced pH pH diagnoses ensure trouble-free measurements.

Use the multi-parameter pH meter as a portable meter, or place it on the wall to save space.

The large screen and the wide viewing angle of 150 ° provide one of the most readable LCD monitors in the industry.

Set up and calibrate your meter in a minimum amount of time with just 1 point calibration.


Economical, user-friendly and cost-effective, Eutech pH 700 is your ideal choice for routine applications in workshops, factories and schools.

Large, easy-to-read screen

Ready informs you when the measurements are stable

Up to 5-point calibration with automatic buffer recognition

Non-volatile memory maintains up to 100 data points

PH range-2.00 to 16.00 pH

Analysis 0.01 pH

Accuracy ± 0,01 pH


The pH measurement was easy.

With a large, well-structured display, right button layout and a simple menu ensure that the measurements can be made in just a few clicks.

Ergonomic design for one-handed operation

Thanks to its ergonomic design, its management is a comfortable experience. The foldable base provides optimal view of flat surfaces.

The IP67 waterproofing makes the portable device capable of withstanding wet and demanding environments.