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HI96801 is for measuring% Brix in syrups. The results are accurate to ± 0.2% Brix. The meter function is simplified with only two buttons: one button is for calibration with distilled or demineralized water and the other one takes a measurement. All measurements are automatically compensated for temperature variations according to the ICUMSA standard


Laboratory refractometer with adjustable range for the measurement of sugar in% Brix wine

Sugar content range 0 to 50% Brix

Sugar content 0,1% Brix

Sugar content (@ 25ºC / 77ºF) ± 0,2% Brix

Temperature range 0 to 80 ° C (32 to 176 ° F)

Temperature analysis 0.1 ° C (0.1 ° F)

Temperature Accuracy ± 0,3 ° C (± 0,5 ° F)

Automatic temperature compensation between 10 and 40 ° C (50 to 104 ° F)

Measurement time approx. 1.5 seconds

Minimum sample volume of 100 ml (to cover the prism as a whole).


HI96821 is a durable, portable digital refractometer designed for sodium chloride (NaCl) measurement.

Shows NaCl concentration in four different ways: g / 100 g, g / 100 mL, specific gravity and ° Baume.

The high precision and simple operation of the instrument provide reliable results every time.

All measurements are automatically compensated for temperature fluctuations and are displayed with 1.5 second response time.

Clean it very easily, just wipe with a soft cloth to prepare the next sample.


The HI96710 pH, free chlorine and total chlorine photometer combines precision and ease of use in ergonomic, portable design.

The user can accurately determine the concentration of pH, free chlorine and total chlorine in the water samples using ready-made reagents.

The HI96710 offers many advanced features, such as the exclusive CAL Check function used to verify performance and calibrate the meter.


Our new HI-98319 waterproof salinity and temperature tester is perfect for any saltwater aquarium. A more accurate alternative to refractometers, this tester uses conductivity to determine salinity levels of natural and artificial seawater. Ideal for testing salinity in salt water aquariums, it is quick and easy to use and provides digital readout of both salinity and temperature.

Salinity results are displayed in either parts per thousand (ppt), Practical Salinity Units (PSU), or Specific Gravity (SG).

Our marine salinity tester is supplied complete with batteries and solutions allowing you to start measuring right away. Also displays temperature.