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Glassware Laboratory Items



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Spherical narrow-boiling flasks with easy-to-read scale and large marking field for easy marking on a rigid, very durable, white ceramic coating.

Due to its spherical shape it is suitable for mixing liquids.

The uniform distribution of wall thickness makes these bottles ideal for heating applications.

Spherical Broth Bottles on request.


Graduated graduated flask and new ergonomic polyethylene cap.

Available in precision categories A and B

Calibration based on volume ("In") at reference temperature + 20 ° C


Volumetric coffee bottles on request

Class B volumetric bottles


Glass Tubes 1,5 meter long


Diameter 56,0 mm ±0,70 mm - Wall thickness 2,5 mm ±0,20 mm

Diameter 52,0 mm ±0,70 mm - Wall thickness 2,5 mm ±0,20 mm

Diameter 60,0 mm ±0,80 mm - Wall thickness 3,2 mm ±0,25 mm

Diameter 65,0 mm ±0,80 mm - Wall thickness 3,2 mm ±0,25 mm


Low-boiling cup-shaped glass beakers, made from LBG borosilicate glass 3.3. According to DIN 12331, ISO 3819.

In many sizes.

There is a series more economical.

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