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The Yellow Clay has the same properties as the green but is aimed at sensitive skin.

Cleans the pores in depth and can be used in cases of acne and skin problems.

Also can give very beautiful natural color of soap.




Ideal for detoxifying the skin, relieves inflammation.

With high content of iron oxides it helps cell regeneration and brightens.

It also helps the skin has broken blood vessels,  scars, bruises.

Relieves the eyes of dark circles and “bags” and can be used throughout the body where there are flabby points.


The White Clay is the most gentle of all, ideal for sensitive skins.

It is relaxing and decongestant, it is suitable for irritated, dry and mature skin.

This is the softer clay with moderate absorbency, to suit all skin types. Gently exfoliates, leaving the skin soft and smooth.


It is the milder clay and is ideal even for delicate skin.

It does not absorb the natural greasyness of the skin which makes it ideal for dry skin.

Kaolin in soap will give a silky texture and enhances the quality of the foam.