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It is a natural source of fruit acids from bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, lemon.

It irritates the skin unlike the cleaning of dead cells giving her the impetus for the creation of new cells.

It can be used to create exfoliating creams, facial and body lotion.

USE: 5-15% in finished product.


INCI : Lactic acid

Lactic acid results from sugar fermentation and is a natural product.

It is used as a pH regulator and because it has a high affinity to the skin and hair, it helps to properly hydrate and remove dead cells.

It also gives glow to the hair.

1 Lt


The Pumice or otherwise Kiziritis is volcanic rock whose pores were formed by volcanic gases escape causing lighten the specific weight of minerals, hence its name. It is ideal for deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin as well as remove dead cells.
It is suitable for a foot scrub, hands, knees etc . Pumice is a natural mineral powder, gray color.


It contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which maintain the moisture of the skin, prevents irritation and removes dead cells.

It also contains: allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Tightens open pores, “hide” acne scars giving shine. Causes lift firming facial contours,

Ideal also for stretch marks.






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Glycolic acid is the most commonly used alpha hydroxy acid and has the reputation of being one of the safest alpha hydroxy acids as well.

Glycolic acid is exfoliating, safely removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, bringing fresh, new skin to the surface.

Glycolic acid can also help to alleviate skin discoloration such as age spots or coloring, and may even help people susceptible to acne.

    60 ml


Peeling pearls with caviar.

This innovative product melts literally on the skin. The pressure causes breakage and breakage of the three-dimensional structure of the beads.

It then forms a protective film on the surface of the skin where it slowly releases the active ingredients.

Use it as it is, directly on the skin and cleans it without having to rinse.

Caviar is the ultimate care of the skin.