Slimming – Anti-cellulite

Slimming – Anti-cellulite

Slimming – Anti-cellulite

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Ideal for slimming, toning, and fat burning. It also reduces dark eye circles andpuffiness.

Usage and Dosage: powder dissolved in water at a rate of up to 1%

Available in:
  • 100gr 5€
  • 1kg
  • 5kg
  • 25kg
  • For larger quantities please contact us

Vitamin B3 helps in the metabolism of skin cells and energy production giving shine.

Combat freckles, has moisturizing effect and helps in protein synthesis in the skin.

And because it improves the metabolism of the skin and fat cells used in products against cellulite.

Is powder that dissolves in water.

USE: 1-2%


  • 50gr

inci: Punica granatum seed oil hydroxyphenethyl esters

Delipidol® is a unique and patented molecule obtained with a solvent-free biotechnological process, from penic acid, an omega-5 fatty acid from pomegranate seed oil (Pumpica granatum) and tyrosol.

This product is made up of Tyrosyle Punicate which reduces the appearance of orange peel by reducing fatty tissue by limiting storage and triggering rejection.

10 gr