Gelling Αgents – Viscosity Regulator

Gelling Αgents & Viscosity Regulator for making cosmetics



Gelling Αgents – Viscosity Regulator

Gelling Αgents – Viscosity Regulator

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Lanolin. Wool fat (wool fat) – wool wax (wool wax). The most popular substance used for emollient, emulsifiers and stabilizers properties. The full text of lanolin is insoluble in water.

Available in:
  • 1kg
  • 25kg

INCI: Cyamopis tetragonolobus.

Guar gum, also called guaran, is a substance made from guar beans and has thickening and stabilizing properties useful in various industries. It is used in cosmetics to homogenize their ingredients and to increase their "density".


inci name: Silica Dimethyl Silylate

Covasilic 15 is a hydrophobic pyrogenic silica.

Which thickens the oils, maintaining their clarity.

Its addition helps to disperse mica colors.


Usage rate: -6%

Stir directly and stir well until the mixture is homogenized.

  • 50gr

inches: carbomer

Carbopol 940 is an easy-to-use water-soluble polymer, which is used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, suspension, thickening agent widely used in many applications due to its versatility and safety.


It is a polysaccharide extracted from seaweed.

It acts as a thickener and conditioner. It has excellent water binding propertiesand the ability to form gels at room temperature and can stabilize a variety ofcompositions such as emulsions, foams and suspensions.

It can be used in personal care products such as toothpaste, facial moisturizer,shampoo / conditioner, shaving cream, sunscreen and cleansing.

Available in:
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  • 2kg
  • 3kg
  • For a quantity greater than 1 kg please contact us

inci name: Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Inulin, Cellulose, Glucose, Fructose. PreBIULIN C90 is a natural product that creates a transparent gel for cosmetic creations. Very versatile: salt-resistant and wide pH range Provides hair and skin care and can thicken liquid soap. It also contains prebiotics essential to the health of the epidermis.


Gelatine (from the Latin language: gelatus which means "hard", "frozen") is a translucent, colorless, fragile (when dried) non-flavored food derived from collagen derived from various parts of the animal body.

It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, vitamin capsules, photography and cosmetic preparations.


Neopal Lis 80 is a viscosity-increasing additive for mild shampoos or body washings.

It is easy to use at a temperature of 25-35 ° C,  based on vegetables and has good mucosal and skin compatibility.

Since it is a non-ionic surfactant, Neopal Lis 80 is compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants.

It has been developed as a liquid thickener which can be processed at room temperature.

It is used in: shower baths, showers, hair shampoos, liquid soap, baby shampoos and cleansers for sensitive skin.

Water soluble

Usage: 1-4%