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Neopal Lis 80 is a viscosity-increasing additive for mild shampoos or body washings.

It is easy to use at a temperature of 25-35 ° C,  based on vegetables and has good mucosal and skin compatibility.

Since it is a non-ionic surfactant, Neopal Lis 80 is compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants.

It has been developed as a liquid thickener which can be processed at room temperature.

It is used in: shower baths, showers, hair shampoos, liquid soap, baby shampoos and cleansers for sensitive skin.

Water soluble

Usage: 1-4%

Creasperse BB VS 30gr
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inci inci name: CI 77891, Squalene, CI 77492, Hydroxystearic Acid, Disteardimonium Hectorite, CI 77491 and CI 77499

Creasperse® BB VS by The Innovation Company acts as a pigment dispersant.

It offers ready-to-use color shade dispersion based on natural or synthetic photostable emollients.

It disperses E172 iron oxide and E171 titanium dioxide.

Creasperse® BB VS finds application in formulating color care products like BB creams and foundations.

It is oil soluble

Usage: 1-10%


inches: carbomer

Carbopol 940 is an easy-to-use water-soluble polymer, which is used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, suspension, thickening agent widely used in many applications due to its versatility and safety.


The balsamic oil or otherwise the safflower is a mixture of balsam and olive oil. Since antiquity it has been known for effective treatment of dermatological problems, wound healing and strengthening of the immune system. Nowadays, however, it is one of the most researched herbs and with particularly encouraging results in the treatment of mild and moderate depression and other mental and neurological disorders.


Awesome aroma of Rosemary for soaps and cosmetics.

Percentage of use:    

facial products: 0.2 - 1%    

body products: 1 - 2%    

aroma: 20 - 40%

eau de parfum: 10 – 30%

eau de toilette: 5 – 20%

eau de cologne: 2 – 5%

The company “ARIS MANIS” (Manis Chemicals) was founded in 1990 and markets chemicals, both retails for the ordinary consumer and wholesale for the professional.

Specifically, the activities Manis Chemicals include marketing: Reagents of Chemical, laboratory instruments, parapharmaceutical products, food preservatives, oenological, raw materials for cosmetics and essential Elea, saponified products, detergents & space disinfectants, plastics & packaging products, protectors and photographic items.

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