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Glycacid Eco 20mll


INCI name Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans

It is a biotechnologic derivate from vegetable matters and is composed by hyaluronic acid

forerunners with a very low molecular weight.

It helps to improve the intradermic penetration, and it is a raw material for the physiological

synthesis of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This kind of hyaluronic acid is particularly suitable

to retain water in the dermis fundamental layer and in the connective tissues ( and thus is responsible of

a deep moisturizing).


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In the cellulitis treatment the increased permeability of the connective tissues increases the drainage of the interstitial liquids, and the better bioavailability of the active ingredients helps to reduce the inflammatory status and to recover the microcirculation.

Besides the activity of hyaluronic acid forerunner, it is a co-adjuvant of reepithelization and cicatrization, due to the improved microcirculation (without vasodilation).

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