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inci: Water (and) Halidrys siliquosa extract

Lightocean® is a natural product that reduces skin patches while providing anti-aging action.

It works through an intelligent mechanism that affects all the major pathways involved in melanogenesis (before, during and after melanin synthesis).


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Lightocean® is a patented calibrated active ingredient that is selectively extracted from the Atlantic algae Halidrys siliquosa (L.) Lyngbye algae known to be rich in phlorogluquinol oligomers.


Melanogenesis control

Decrease in tyrosinase activity

Reduction of melanin synthesis

Reduce transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes

Protection from free radicals, anti-aging action

Protection against UVA-UVB radiation

Cosmetic applications:

Gel and creams

Creams and sunscreens

Anti-aging products.


Usage rate: 1-3% in the third (final) phase of the product

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