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Almond oil Food Grade


INCI : Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

One of the most famous oils with excellent softening and soothing properties, used as a massage oil, for skin care (especially facial and damaged hands), nails and hair due to its high vitamin content (β-sitosterol , proteins, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids).

Thin base oil, suitable for all skin types, excluding oily.

It is well absorbed and has deep penetration.

It’s food grade.


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Ideal for dry skin, soothes irritations and has anti-inflammatory action.

It contains valuable ingredients that help to regenerate and anti-aging the epidermis.

It is widely used in the care of hair and nails.


Face, eye and hair care products.

Ideal for lip balm, make-up removal and face cleansing products.

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