The shipping cost is always charged to the customer.

Calculation of shipping cost is based on the weight and / or volume of the product / order and the choice of shipping method.

You can view the shipping cost by clicking on the 'Calculate your transport' button after selecting a color or size (if any) found in the product page.

The final shipping cost is shown when you complete your online order (excluding oversized items destined for outside Attica and products assisted by assembling service).

Available shipping modes:

• By courier.

• Conventional Transport (Agency)

• By private means


Our courier is Geniki Taxidromiki and porta porta networks.

Otherwise, you can indicate your own desired courier to make the shipment with itself.

The courier service will deliver the parcel to the address you have given us, or you can specify as your address the nearest courier shop in your area.

Shipping & Delivery Time

Orders can be accepted all day of the week at any time of the day but the order preparation and shipments are 8-5pm daily except for weekends.

Orders to be delivered until 12:00 will be shipped the same day.

Estimated delivery time 1-2 business days.

Orders on islands or remote locations may have a slight delay of 2 extra days.

Orders of over 5 kg are dispatched with travel agents.

Orders over 10kg (and over 100 €) within Attica will be shipped free of charge on our own account upon agreement.

Courier billing table Abroad

 0-3 kg delivery in 3 days 120.00

0-3kg delivery in 10 days 30.00

Conventional Transport (Agency)


Orders / products over 5kg for outside Attica and Attica Island are shipped with a conventional carriage (Agency) whose cost is charged to the customer. You can view the shipping cost by clicking on the 'Calculate your transport' button and choosing a color or size (if any) found on the product page.

The shipping cost only concerns the shipment of orders / products in your area and receipt from the agency's warehouse. In the areas where the agency we partner has no warehouse, the delivery of the orders / products is made at home and on a pavement. For delivery on the inside or the floor of your home you have to make a special deal with the transport. Estimated delivery time 1-2 business days at the Athens office.

There is a possibility to provide us with a carrier of your choice (Provided that it is priced with the companies we partner with).

Deliveries by conventional carriage are not supported by a form of payment: Repayment.

Cost of Transport


For parcels up to 10 kg - 5.00 €

For larger parcels by agreement