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Vegetable Lanolin


Lanolin derived from plants.

Ideal for mature and dehydrated skin.

Lanolin also acts as a homogenizer-emulsifier as it absorbs twice its weight in water.


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Lanolin works as an emulsifier as it absorbs twice its weight in water and with it we can replace the wax.

It can be used as a softening agent, which treats any kind of dryness, facial or body, and is therefore found in:

Creams for every purpose.

Creams for atopic babies & children because it prevents transdermal water loss and consequently improves the hydration of dry skin.

It is also used in cold, aqueous creams for the body.

In cleansing creams but also in hand creams.

Lanolin will also be found in makeup products like: cream eye shadow and cream blusher.

Also in eyebrow pencils, where it increases the firmness of the product.

In lip products, it helps to not break the finished product.

In hair products and especially in contitioners, it gives glow to the hair but also helps to get antistatic action.


Percentage of use:

creams: 2-10%
Butters: 2-30%

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