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Phytocare KT


inci name: shea butter polyglyceryl-6 ester

Phytocare KT is a natural emulsifier made from Carite butter with all the properties of butter.

It combines the exceptional properties of essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins and derived from the Karite tree nuts (also known as Mangifolia), which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties on the skin.

It is nutritious for skin and hair.

It generates emulsions with high stability over a long period of storage and with a wide temperature range


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It belongs to the new generation of plant emulsifiers free of ethylene oxide and nitrosamines.
Thanks to their innocuous nature, their excellent toxicological profile (they do not reduce the potential of the skin) and biodegradation, manufacturers can get emulsions that have maximum skin compatibility and environmentally safe.

Contains anti-aging and moisturizing properties
It restores the elasticity of the skin
It is nutritious for skin and hair (considered super food for the skin)
Excellent compatibility with any oil phase, natural sunscreens, pigments
It protects cells from free radicals and ultraviolet rays
It is suitable for:

  • All types of products: skin care, sun care, makeup and hair care
  • For all skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, young and mature skin
  • As it does not contain a co-emulsifier it can give a full range of viscosity: sprays, lotions, liquid emulsions, creams
  • Full texture range: light, soft, soft, rich and very rich depending on the co-emulsifier we choose.

Oil-soluble & Water-soluble

Hot & Cold

Usage rate: 3-5% (or 15% of the oil phase).

In order to make an emulsion, the cream necessarily needs a co-emulsifier.

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