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Stearic Alcohol (Stearyl Alcohol)


The stearyl alcohol is a pure and natural fatty alcohol from the coconut oil fatty acid and functions as a co-emulsifier.

It is very moisturizing to the skin as it helps to lock the natural moisture levels of the skin and gives a soft feel to both the product and the skin.


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Stearyl alcohol is commonly used as a natural thickening agent, which improves the stability of the emulsion to act as an emulsifier and is compatible with virtually all common cosmetic ingredients.

When Stearyl Alcohol is used as a thickener in your recipe, unlike other natural thickener options, it offers more ease of use because it does not affect the pH of the system or adds thixotropic behavior.

An excellent choice for greener formulas.


Usage rate: 1-3% in the oil phase

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