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Mother of Pearl Extract


Mother-of-pearl forms integral part of the external protective surface of some marine

molluscs. It covers the internal part of the shell. These organic and crystalline tissues are

rich in proteins. The way of Mother-of-pearl formation presents analogies with that of

protective and skeletal tissues of mammals. These two kinds of tissues produce and store in

their extracellular matrix a big quantity of molecules or active peptids of the adhesion

protein type and, in their extracellular matrix, proteins such as cytokines regulating

formation and cellular renewal.

Mother-of-pearl, in the form of pearl powder, has been used in Egyptian, Asian and

Amerindian traditional pharmacopeia since Antiquity. The Mayas were the first to use

Mother-of-pearl for its physical qualities, in particular for its hardness but also because it

looks like complex mineralized tissues such as the ones which constitute teeth and bones.

Mother-of-pearl was in cosmetics, traditionnaly used to prevent sun burns and to soothe


Its use is also recommended for nutraceutic : various studies were carried out in order to

highlight the qualities of Mother-of-pearl, rich in calcium, which favours bone regeneration

and also makes up bone losses, consolidating bones damaged by accident, wear or disease :

parodontose or osteoporosis. Actually, at the skeleton level, calcium is joined with

phosphate to form a phosphate tricalcic salt : the hydroxyapatite. In this form, it

contributes to the bone rigidity by combining with the bone proteic framework.


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The extract is obtained from mother-of-pearl coming from New Caledonia, it is the

« Trocas ».


The organic matrix of Mother-of-pearl is made up of Beta-chitin polysaccharids and fibrous

proteins frameworks similar to silk proteins. The proteins analysis linked to calcium ions

show that they are rich in two amino acids : the aspartic and glutamic acids which carry sites

charged negatively (they attract the calcium ions charged positively).

The fibrous proteins are associated with proteoglycanes (hyaluronic acid), cytokins,

adhesion proteins such as Decorin, and growth factors. These molecules are very active in

the tissue regeneration process.

Mother-of-Pearl is rich in calcium and thereby, allow to favour the remineralization of the


Monther-of-pearl extract contributes to:

- Remineralize

- Restructure

- Stimulate cell renewal


Mother-of-pearl extract is recommended for:

- Anti-ageing skin care

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