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Zeolite is one of the precious products of Greece.

It is a natural porous material that can clean the skin by binding metals and organic compounds. It acts as a detoxifying product of the epidermis.

It took its name from the ancient Greek, Zeo = boil and Stone = stone.

It also protects the skin's pH, keeping it at "ideal" levels (7.35 - 7.45).



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A rich source of excellent zeolite is the entire region of Thrace, the purity of which reaches 95%, which puts it in the top quality of the world.

It can absorb free radicals from the skin, toxins and all the negative ions of the skin.

Cleansing and rinsing removes all the harmful ingredients, as zeolite has blocked them by offering freshness and cleanliness to the skin.

That's why it's ideal for facial and body masks as well as deodorants.

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