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Mentha Piperita Hydrosol 1lt – Medolla


Mentha Piperita is the pure, distilled water produced when distilling the Peppermint essential oil.

It is cool and invigorating.

It is ideal for use in summer in sun-irritated skin or all the time as a disinfectant and antibacterial.

  • 1lt

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  • Stylish, it stimulates the skin and restores its shine.
  • Antibacterial, cleanses problematic skins
  • Refreshing and soothing, relieves and soothes sunburns and itching.
  • Ideal for tired skin that does not bleed well
  • It activates the microcirculation of the epidermis, reduces the expansion of the blood vessels,reduces redness and soothes the inflammation after shaving.
  • It tones the vases.
  • Heavy calves.

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