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Aloe Hydrosol 1lt – Medolla


It is the flower-water resulting from the concentrated dried aloe leaf juice by distillation.

They call it a “plant of immortality” and consider it an elixir of longevity, although its name, probably derived from the Arabic word alloeh, means “bitter and glossy essence.”

It is used as a soothing agent in various skin irritations, such as burns, calluses, scars, herpes.

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Aloe absorbs faster than water and so the skin heals quickly. In addition, aloe keeps the skin soft and is used to treat the body and hair as it hydrates, increases collagen production and enhances their natural defense.

It is considered to be an effective remedy for acne, slows skin aging and fights off itching, skin allergies, insect bites, eczema and fungal infections, and can even reduce psoriasis.

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