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Violleta Hydrosol 1lt – Medolla


Inci name: viola odorata flower water

Comes from the distillation of the flower of the Viola Odorata plant.

It has softening, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and aromatic properties.

Suitable for any type of skin.

It deeply hydrates the skin, smooth and youthful skin.

  • 1lt

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It is sedative, calming small irritations.
It is used as a skin cleanser.
It regulates blood circulation, decongests tissues.
Re-turns tone and elasticity to the epidermis.

It can be used for skin problems with acne, bumps, blisters, eczema, small sores, skin inflammation.
It detoxifies and helps in poor blood circulation, so it can be used in products for dull and tired skin.

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