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Peel Off Mask Urban D-Pollution


Face mask peel off which is a marine complex with components from the ocean, such as Laminaria extract (sea bass), chlorella.

It also contains white high purity silver, white ginseng root and activated carbon of plant origin.

  • 100gr

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It is a mask that cleans and detoxifies the skin from the dirt of the atmosphere.

It removes up to 84% of the microparticles from the skin and contributes to the reappearance of the hydrolipid film, increasing the pH of the skin.

Way of use:

Dissolve 30g of mask (powder) in 90g of water (at room temperature)

Mix thoroughly until the mixture becomes uniform and spreads to the face avoiding the eye area.

The mask drips at 6 ‘.

Leave it for 15 ‘and remove it one-piece as a mask.

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