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Mettler F2-Standard Kit

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The pH measurement was easy.

With a large, well-structured display, right button layout and a simple menu ensure that the measurements can be made in just a few clicks.

Ergonomic design for one-handed operation

Thanks to its ergonomic design, its management is a comfortable experience. The foldable base provides optimal view of flat surfaces.

The IP67 waterproofing makes the portable device capable of withstanding wet and demanding environments.

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Measuring range (pH) 0.00 ... 14.00

Analysis / Accuracy (pH) of 0,01 / ± 0,01

Calibration points 3

Predefined setting groups 4

Temperature range (° C) 0 ... 100

Temperature / Accuracy (° C) 0.1 / ± 0.5

Sensor LE438 IP67

Accessories: electrode connector, wrist strap, QuickGuide,

Buffer buffer pH packet

Ideally suited for a wide variety of samples including emulsions and suspensions

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