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Osmoslim 50ml


INCI NAME: Water, Sea Salt, Potassium Chloride, Garcinia Cambogia Peel Extract. 

Osmoslim® is an active natural ingredient from Garcinia Cambogia for the treatment and prevention of cellulite with visible results within 14 days.


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Osmoslim® is an anti-cellulite that is already active after just 14 days of treatment.

It is a completely natural innovative ingredient, as it consists of metal salts and plant extracts.

Osmoslim® fights cellulite and retention thanks to its osmotic action: it stimulates by osmotic acid the passage of excess fluid, promoting transdermal drainage and making the skin milder and more compact.

Osmoslim® reduces the storage of fatty acids in fat cells after 72 hours of treatment.

Osmoslim® can increase oxygen consumption. An increase of 21% reduction in oxygen in cells is observed, which corresponds to a better cellular metabolism.

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