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Coco Glucocide


Coco Glucoside is a 100% renewable plant source

It is a natural, non-ionic surfactant and one of the smoothest cleansers, making it ideal for all foaming and cleaning products.

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Coco Glucocide, which is extremely mild and soft, does not dry the skin, making it an excellent choice for the composition of personal hygiene and toiletries.

A basic surfactant can be used as a co-surfactant in cosmetic cleansing preparations.

It produces excellent foam in almost all conditions and the foam produced is thin and stable.

Coco Glucoside easily coagulates with:
Gluco DOE: from 0.1-5%
Xanthan gum: up to 0.3%
Carrageenan gum up to 1.0%
Carbopol 940: up to 0.5%

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