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Vitamin C Ascorbosilane SP


Anti radicals activity

ASCOBOSILANE C offers a double activity for a global protection of the cutaneous cells during a free-radical attack: • strengthen cell membrane • free-radical scavenging ASCORBOSILANE C can assist the skin natural defense mechanisms when overwhelmed by the intensity of the oxydative attacks.

Restructuration, hydration and firming activity

Skin tone radiance

Ascorbic acid acts on melanogenesis as a tyrosinase inhibitor, key enzyme in this biological process. Ascorbic acid scavenging activity prevents from the hydroxylation of the tyrosine, inducing its inhibition. ASCORBOSILANE C is also considered as a stabilized form of ascorbic acid.


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APPLICATIONS Anti-aging: protection, detoxification and cutaneous restructuration. 

Cutaneous restructuring: skin firming and metabolic stimulator. 

Skin tone radiance: illumination and uniformity.

FORMULATION ASCORBOSILANE C is hydrosoluble. It can be formulated in all types of products (gels, lotions, emulsions…) excluding anhydrous formulations. The recommended using dose is 3 to 4%.

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